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One of the most celebrated art and music NFT collections


The Vision.

A world class destination for anime-inspired multimedia storytelling.

We have a meaningful commitment to art and creative expression and seek to be an immersive refuge for the fantastical. We are on a powerfully beautiful journey and invite you to take a break from the everyday to enter an enchanted world so inviting and peaceful, like a daydream, or a memory, you find yourself lost in it.

Roadmap 2022


Transporting You Beyond The Everyday.

Capsule House is a creative studio for exceptional art and music and a welcoming destination for artists, fans, and collectors. Famed illustrators and animators Seerlight and Kaejunni and developer, music producer Oksami, create meticulously crafted, immersive storytelling that transports you to a world that is both nostalgic and universal.

As an owner of a 10k NFT, high art or 1:1, you are granted valuable benefits and access to cultural experiences both digital and in real life. As an artist, no other project has the quality of artist engagement with the opportunity for mentorship and commissions to produce high/holder editions for the community.

Artist Bios

Seerlight.'s Capsule


#6 on SuperRare’s All Time Top Artists, Seerlight is known for his detailed animated illustrations that create a sense of fascination and wonder. With inspirations calling back to Studio Ghibli and aesthetics rooted in nostalgia, Seerlight continues to create beautiful illustrations that inspire the imagination of others. In 2022, he hit his all time high, 1/1 sale at 150 Eth. He is the co-artist for Capsule House and artist for Secret Garden.

Kaejunni.'s Capsule


Singapore-based, SuperRare artist, Kaejunni is known for his meticulously hand-crafted character designs. He brings his characters to life through dramatic day and night time-shift animations. Balancing between soft-colour palettes and vibrant cyberpunk cities, his characters tease a world yet to be explored within the metaverse. He is the creator of Fish Bone Guild and co-artist for Capsule House.

Oksami.'s Capsule


Creative and technical visionary, Oksami, is known for his expertise as a developer and a musical producer. Merging these talents together, he seeks to push the limits of music in the NFT space through new and interactive experiences that allow people to create their own Lofi music based upon his hand-crafted algorithms. Oksami is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist that boasts over 70K monthly Spotify listeners. He is the lead Capsule House and Secret Garden developer.

Capsule Lore