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Just art and anime.”

Capsule House launched on October 1st, 2021. It was an early and influential anime NFT collection created by three talented artists: SeerLight, Kaejunni, and oksami. The three artists blended their unique artistic talents to create a collection that combined imaginative characters, captivating animations, and beautiful music.

The Founders


SeerLight is known for his detailed animated illustrations that create a sense of fascination and wonder. With inspirations calling back to Studio Ghibli and aesthetics rooted in nostalgia, Seerlight continues to create beautiful illustrations that inspire the imagination of others. In 2022, he hit his all-time high, with a 1/1 sale at 150 ETH. He is the co-artist for Capsule House.



Singapore-based SuperRare artist Kaejunni is known for his meticulously hand-crafted character designs. He brings his characters to life through dramatic day and night shift animations. Balancing soft-colour palettes and vibrant cyberpunk cities, his characters tease a world yet to be explored. He is the co-artist for Capsule House.


Creative and technical visionary, Oksami, is known for his expertise as a developer and a musical producer. Merging these talents together, he seeks to push the limits of music in the NFT spaces. Oksami is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist who boasts over 70k monthly Spotify listeners. He is the original lead developer for Capsule House.



The direction of Capsule House is led by the community with support from the founders. A community treasury funds the continued development and maintenance of Capsule House. Any Capsule holder can make a proposal for the use of community funds, which are then voted upon by the rest of the Capsule community. See our latest proposals within our Discord.

Discover the four species of the CapsuleVerse...



The most rare and powerful of all species, Yokai reside within the spiritual realm and visit the material world to bestow gifts and curses upon humans and demihumans.



A hybrid animalistic species that prefers the wilds of nature to structured cities. They live at the edge of civilization within their intricate temples and are not afraid to go toe to toe with any trespasser to their home.



What they lack in sheer strength, they make up in ingenuity. With a wide range of talents and determination, humans have built sprawling mechanized civilizations to power their airship fleets and trade routes.



Wielding both advanced technology and dark magic, this species is a mysterious and formidable counterpart to the ethereal yokai. Created by an enigmatic “Architect”, their true intentions have yet to be discovered.

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Capsule House grants its holders rights outlined within: